Zero Jar

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Two Zero jars included. Keep your coffee beans or grounds fresher, for longer. Oxygen is the enemy of taste and great crema. Zero Jar lets you elegantly keep coffee fresh without fussy valves or mechanisms.

10 Year Warranty
No Electricity

Sized for coffee

Decant up to 250g of fresh beans or grounds. Forget fussy clips or fold-overs, just recycle the bag and admire the look of your coffee.


Gently pushing down the plunger expels the air, seals the jar and keeps the contents fresh for longer. With a very satisfying hiss. Try not to play with it all day.

Pull to release

This is the real magic. As you pull the handle upwards our rolling O-ring releases the air-tight seal and lets the plunger rise effortlessly.

No valve to switch, just patented ingenuity to enjoy.

Two's company

Zero jars come in pairs, so you can juggle wake-up and after dinner coffee variants and keep them both fresh. Or maybe his and hers.

Not just for coffee

Zero jars are great for all granular foods that suffer from oxygen damage.

Want to Store your own quality coffee at home?

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