Lifetime Use Vs Landfill

At ROK we are mad for great coffee, and mad about designing products that last a lifetime. Literally. No trips to landfill every few years, no accumulation of wasteful used capsules. Just great espresso without costing the earth. And there is nothing quite like the feel of pulling your own perfect espresso.
Our manual espresso coffee maker has no electric pump or heating element to wear out, requires no descaling or regular maintenance. No wash cycles – just rinse under the tap. No standby power waste. No capsules. And the smallest carbon footprint in its class*.  
Our philosophy is anti-obsolescence. Launched 20 years ago, those machines are still in service with happy users. And every improvement we have made over the years – and that includes doubling the power – have been provided as home applied upgrade kits that are very popular.
We find it easy to offer a 10 year warranty in stark contrast to the one or two years offered by Nespresso and other capsule coffee makers. Join us in making coffee for life, not landfill.

Patrick, our founder and CEO, is a career product designer with a passion for coffee, sustainability and mechanics, and the ROK espresso maker was born inside his design agency, Therefore Design in London. For a ROK timeline history go here and read his interview here. We’ve outgrown that illustrious start, but retained all the passion for, and expertise in, iconic design that delivers performance as he drives an ever expanding range of  hands-on coffee experiences.

*when it was launched, the NAEEEC in Australia stated that ‘ROK has the smallest carbon footprint in its class’.