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The classic, hand-polished icon that is our human-powered espresso machine. True espresso needs pressure, and the ROK’s elegant lever arms let you deliver it smoothly.

10 Year Warranty
No Electricity

Smartshot™ Automatic Perfection

If all you want is deep crema and rich taste,  without effort, the Smartshot basket is for you. Forget getting the coffee grind and tamping just right, the Smartshot basket/portafilter eliminates the need to flex barista skills. Just spoon in coffee ground to espresso fine or cafetierre coarse and squeeze down the lever arms. Don’t turn to Nespresso or Keurig when you can go one better, have a free choice of coffee, and be planet friendly.

Classic Barista Control

For that more crafted, nuanced experience of espresso creation, the ROK Classic EspressoGC puts all the subtlety at your fingertips, literally. Dial in the perfect grind, tamp just right then squeeze the arms down to feel the magic coffee extraction. Not a coffee geek yet? Then try the Classic Explorer edition to take you on the journey from smartshot to god-shot.

Locked and Loaded

Fill the portafilter with your freshest espresso grounds, tamp down and lock in place. With the Smartshot edition you don’t even need to tamp and don’t have to use a fine espresso grind. Don’t be shy, it’s a robust piece of kit, built-to-last. 

Just add Hot Water

Whether kitchen boiled, or on a trekking stove, your hot water is cunningly delivered to the heat-insulating glass-composite pressure chamber by simply raising the arms. From here on, it's zero energy consumption – a manual espresso machine leaves electric pumps in a dystopian past.

Raise, then lower

Pulling down the arms applies all the pressure required for true espresso. Expect to feel some resistance, the amount is up to you.
A good shot takes 25 to 30 secs to extract all those lovely oils.

Great for all tastes

Americano, Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte, Macchiato… a good double espresso is the foundation for many coffee styles.
Want some frothy milk? Checkout our amazing no-sweat manual frother, and pump out some foam.

No Landfill

Our manual espresso coffee machine has no
electric pump or heating element to wear out, requires no descaling or regular maintenance. No wash cycles – just rinse under the tap. No standby power waste. No capsules. And the smallest carbon footprint in ts class  
And every improvement we have made over the years  have been provided as home-applied upgrade kits that are very popular.
You can see we are a little mad about sustainability, and we find it easy to give a 10 year warranty in stark contrast to the one or two years offered by others.

Want to Make your own quality coffee at home?

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